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5 Signs of Roof Damage

Roof Damage is a serious issue that many homeowners are forced to deal with. At Bell Roofing, RoofDamage-your go to Atlanta roofers, we want to inform you of some of the signs to look before the problem can seriously escalate to affecting more assets in your home.

1. Visible Buckling

Buckling in your roof is a sure sign that there is an issue with your roof. Buckling is usually in direct reference to a roof that is not receiving proper ventilation. This often happens because the roof was not properly installed in the first place or new shingles were laid over old shingles. Unfortunately this is a sign that it is time for a new roof before any additional damage to your home is incurred.

2. Sagging Ceiling

Often a sagging ceiling is directly related to water damage within in your home. Usually a sagging ceiling is visible from inside the home and you will be able to see even more water damage in the attic. However in order to determine the appropriate action to take, you will need a contractor to assess all the damage.

3. Termites

If you recently had any type of termite infestation, it is extremely important that an experienced roofer come to your home and assess if there was any damage done to your roof. If termites have gotten to your roofing structure they will begin to eat away at the supports and you will have major problems!

4. Hail Damage

Although we have been blessed this year to not have any bad hailstorms, it is important to keep in mind that hail damage to a roof can be damaging. After a hail storm, allow a professional roofer to come assess any damage done so that your roof is in the best condition possible.

5. Discoloration of Shingles

One of a more the subtler signs of roof damage is a discoloration of your shingles. This is often indicative of moisture trapped in your roof. Once again another reason to bring out a professional roofer to assess the extensiveness of the damage.

At Bell Roofing, our goal is create a service that protects your investment. A solid roof does just that. Let us be your go to Atlanta Roofing Company whenever you have any signs of roof damage!


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