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Rain Gutter Angst

Rain Gutter Angst (Photo credit: MTSOfan)

As we approach Fall, it is time to think about football, cooler weather, bonfires, and gutter guards? Wait what? Georgia is known for beautiful trees, and with those beautiful trees comes a lot of leaves.  So we all know the scenario, all of the leaves fall and we are out every weekend trying to rake the leaves and clean the leaves out of our gutters. Just think how much time you would save having gutter guards to prevent buildup and clogs in your gutters!

There is always a debate on whether a house should have gutter guards or not. Gutter guards do not provide complete protection against all of the debris that can fill your gutters. They do help in reducing the amount of clutter that fills your gutters. Therefore, reducing the amount of gutter cleaning on your end. Gutter guards can also help prevent downspouts from clogging, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on home repairs. Choosing gutter guards is a personal choice based on the home owner. They can be helpful but they are not required by any means.

Here at Bell Roofing we offer a variety of gutter guards from screening to “helmet style”. There are many different types of guards that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at the two we just mentioned to get you started on your knowledge of guards!

Screen Guards: These are sheets that are filled with holes and attach to the gutter. Large holes in the sheets do not work as well as smaller holes. The smaller holes allow for less debris to slip through. The larger holes may let more water through, but they are not stopping large debris from ending up in the gutters as well. There are even screen guards that stop pine needles and seed pods from getting into the gutters. Almost all of the screen mesh guards are snapped into place, but some guards allow you to prop them open on top of the gutter for easy cleaning.

“Helmet Style”: These guards can be installed over new gutter systems, or on your current gutters. This type of guard is designed to leave a small opening for water to get through, but forces leaves and debris to go over the gutter. Leaving only small particles to land in your gutter which should flush down the downspout and not cause any build up problems. This is a more expensive brand of gutter to buy, but you be assured that this gutter guard will keep your gutters clean and water moving through effectively.

Now these are just two types of guards that are available. We highly recommend having Bell Roofing come out to look at your gutters first to see if there is any damage or repairs that need to be done. Then we would be happy to discuss the types of guards we provide, and talk you through purchasing the best guard for your house and your budget!

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