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Gutters, Soffits, Fascia, and Flashing, Oh My!

It’s easy to get swindled by an Atlanta roofing company when you’re not educated about common BR APRIL GRAPHICroofing terms.  We know that you’re thinking…you’d probably rather leave it up to the professionals to know what they are doing. However equipping yourself with this knowledge can protect you from unnecessary repairs and your contractor will no longer sound like they are speaking a foreign language when they describe to you what your roof needs.

So which terms are important to know?


Gutters are like rain conductors.  They are the metal attachments to your roof and the side of your home.  They help direct rainwater away from your construction.  Gutters are most commonly made of aluminum and should be properly maintained to prevent rotting of your siding.  We offer gutters in avariety of colors to match the color pallet of your home.


Unless you have a flat roof, your roof probably extends beyond the sidewalls of your home.  This area beneath that extension is known as a soffit.  They often resemble vents and they aid in allowing proper attic ventilation.


Fascia is the decorative finish to the edge of your roof. It barricades and further protects your home from water damage. On most homes you will find the gutter attached to the fascia.


Keeping up with the theme of weatherization, flashing is the epitome of it.  Flashing is comprised of thin pieces/sheets of impenetrable materials shielding your house from rain damage.  You’ll especially notice flashing near joints, chimneys and vent pipes.

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