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Pros and Cons of Repairing Your Own Roof

With how-to videos popping up on YouTube and self-proclaimed DIY gurus offering their advice, BR Feb Graphicmore individuals are inspired to complete home projects without the use of a professional.  Here we’ll assess the pros and cons of the DIY approach for roof repairs.

One obvious reason one may consider completing their repairs without outside assistance is the notion that it will be less expensive.  This is all relative.  Let’s say you managed to find the materials you need at a bulk, discounted rate.  Then you’ve accumulated the proper directions needed for your project.  Cha-ching!  You saved hundreds of dollars by nixing the labor fees associated with hiring a professional Atlanta roofer.  This is almost always not the case.  Replacing or repairing is not as simple as affixing a bandage.  You very well could provide a temporary fix but it will cost you more in the long run.

The problem is most homeowners don’t know how to properly evaluate the roof damage, inadvertently placing a band-aid on a larger scale problem.  Some roofing requirements span deeper than eye level.  A qualified professional will be able to diagnose, treat, and prevent any further damage.  Rather than starting a project, running into a problem that spans beyond your knowledge, then calling a professional to clean up the mess, you could just call a professional from the start and actually save money.

But before you give in to your possible frustration and pony up dollars to the first roofing contractor offering you relief, do some research.  Not all roofers are created equal.  Dishonest contractors may pull you in by pointing out what you did wrong and offering a solution but upon receiving the bill you notice charges that were not discussed.  Save time and your budget but trusting a professional such as Bell Roofing to always provide you with honest quotes and reliable solutions.  In our case, your roof repairs or replacements will be backed by a warranty offering that extra piece of mind you won’t receive by completing the project yourself.  A we always say, “When in doubt, call a professional”.

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