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Roof Restoration

Residential Roof Restoration

An aging roof will experience problems for any number of reasons: storm damage, extreme heat and humidity, years of exposure to the UV rays of the sun. And we’re guessing you don’t climb onto your roof to perform seasonal maintenance. Given time, rodents, pests, and wasps will take up living in your attic, and in our Atlantic Coast area especially, you might see signs of leaking. That’s when you have to make a choice to either repair the roof on your home or replace it. There’s a lot that goes into a residential roof repair at Atlanta properties, including repairing the deck and the underlays, the interior framing, replacing shingles, and ensuring all flashing, boots, and rain gutters function properly. Still, roof restorations on Atlanta residential and commercial properties are often faster and more economical than doing a complete tear-off and constructing an entirely new roof. Once we’ve gotten onto your roof and inside your attic to perform a thorough inspection, we can help you determine the best course of action for your home. We will always provide you with fair and honest pricing, and we will never suggest repairs or services you don’t need.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the roof above our heads, beyond the fact that it protects us from the elements. But if you own a retail space in Atlanta in need of a commercial roof repair, any leak or rodent infestation puts a lot of inventory at risk, and could put your customers and personnel at risk, too. If you own an industrial space and your roof leaks, you could potentially have electrical hazards and you could lose some incredibly expensive equipment.

Don’t Wait for Worse

Don’t put off roof repairs. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes, and the fewer options you will have as your roof continues to degrade. We can restore your roof from any damage or the effects of normal wear and tear, whether you’ve got a pitched roof with traditional shingles or a flat roof with a single-ply membrane or coating. We take care of all the details, from nail pops in your asphalt shingles and punctures in your flat roof coating to failed metal and rubber flashing and rotted sections of wood and framing. We have the expertise, the quality tradesmanship, and the dedication to be your trusted roof restoration specialists in Atlanta.

The Bell Roofing Difference

When you need the best for roof repair and restoration, contact Bell Roofing, a certified GAF Master Elite® Contractor. We’ve been a premier roofing company throughout Atlanta for more than two decades, and we have more than 8,000 successful roofing projects notched on our belts. We stand by our motto: “Bell Done. Bell Guaranteed.”