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3 Of The Worst Roofing Tips and Tricks

When it comes to roof repair and maintenance there is a lot of misinformation out there on what 3 Tipsshould or should not be done to your roof. At Bell Roofing, we want to keep you informed on some roof tips that people give that are not only not useful but potentially damaging to your roof. If you have performed some of the following tips on your roof it is best to contact  your Atlanta roof repair at Bell Roofing to make sure that their is no permanent damage.

Common Roofing Tips that Do Not Work

Use a Pressure Washer to clean your Roof

Often times you will hear people suggest for you to use a pressure washer to clean your roof when it gets dirty. This is a terrible idea! If you use a pressure washer, you will often cause irreparable damage to your shingles and your roof will become more vulnerable to leaks.

Install New Roofing Elements over an Older Damage Roof

Many people will suggest that a home owner can save money by avoiding the costs of removing older roofing materials. Some roofer can even lessen your quote by not removing your older roofing parts. However this can be very bad for the overall health of your roof. The shear weight of adding multiple roofing materials to a roof can compromise the weight of your structure and thus the integrity of your entire roof. If you need a new roof, make sure to remove all the damaged parts before repair.

It is not necessary to have regular maintenance to your roof

Regular maintenance of your roof is essential! Whoever tells you that having your roof maintained is not important should not be listened to. The truth is that most major roofing issues could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

 If you are not sure and have questions about your roof, call the professionals to come out and take a look!

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