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Why Do I Need To Invest In Roof Ventilation?

Here at Bell Roofing, we often get questions about roof ventilation. Many of our customers had once Roofthought it an unnecessary expense or simply did not understand its importance. This month we would like discuss why roofing ventilation is important and why it is a good investment for your home.

The biggest reason you should invest in roof ventilation is that it increases the life of your roof. Especially in a varying climate, roof ventilation is crucial to your roof lasting the length it should. Atlanta’s unpredictable weather will adversely affect your roof if not ventilated!
Ventilation helps as a way for the high temperature air that builds up in unconditioned attics to be released thus releasing pressure off your shingles.

Another reason you should ventilate your roof is because it is energy efficient for your home. With proper ventilation, your home will stay cooler during the hot Atlanta summers and keep your air conditioning bills low.

A final reason that roof ventilation is a good investment for your home is that it protects the roof structure by releasing any moisture from your roof. If too much moisture gets into your roof than your entire home structure can be compromised.

If you have any questions about roof ventilation and how it can help preserve your roofs’ life, please do not hesitate to contact your go to Atlanta roofer at Bell Roofing.

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