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Invest in Gutter Guards – Yes or No?

Living in Atlanta, you get the best of both worlds…a city life surrounded by lots of greenery.  We BR Blog Graphicenjoy pretty springs and beautiful summers but come Fall, nature’s flowers start to fade.  All of those pretty trees that provided you with shade in the summer are now showering your yard with lifeless leaves.

By the time you’ve finished raking, cleaning the gutters may seem like a daunting task.  However ignoring them is a big NO-NO.  You have two options: to eradicate the leaves yourself or invest in a Gutter Guard System.  Let’s explore the ups and downs of each choice.

When deciding whether or not to clean them yourself or hire an Atlanta Roofing Company, it’s important to consider the height of your gutters.  This can prove to be a dangerous task and may not be worth the risk.  If your gutters aren’t that tall, then begin inspecting your gutters for any leaks, worn down sealants, or misplaced gutter spikes, and tend to the issues accordingly.  If you notice any rusting, you should contemplate purchasing new gutters.  The new ones are made from aluminum or vinyl and are rust proof.  After surveying and making the necessary repairs, it’s safe to remove the leaves.  The most efficient way to do so is by using a pressure washer but be mindful of how you are holding it.  If it’s elevated too high, you may dismantle your shingles.

Proper upkeep of your gutters requires frequent maintenance and with gutter guards, you aren’t necessarily off the hook.  Sometimes little debris, buds, and tree seeds sneak in and require removal to prevent a clogged gutter or sprouting trees!  Even still, this will be far less laborious than attempting to clean without a gutter guard.  There are essentially two types of guards; gutter screens and gutter covers.  If you are seeking protection from the nesting of birds and rodents or if you a looking for a system to conduct rainwater, then choose the gutter cover.  Investing in a gutter guard system will inevitably be more expensive.  However when you factor in the extra protection from water damage, and satisfaction of low maintenance, it may prove to be worth it, especially if your house is surrounded by a lot of trees.

The ultimate decision depends on how often you are willing to clean and your budget. Bear in mind the weather that’s associated with the Fall and Winter and ask yourself, “Am I willing to stand on a ladder to maintain my gutters under harsh conditions?” If you are not ready to invest in a Gutter Guard System then hiring an Atlanta Roofer is an option as well, but it can prove to be just as expensive and again, protecting your siding and windows from the rotting associated with rainwater is highly important.  For more info on the most cost effective solution for you, please contact a Bell Roofing Associate.

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