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How to Hang Holiday Lights Correctly On Your Roof

When executed correctly, holiday decorations are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also Bell Roofing Graphicspread cheer.   Properly placed lights can be the deciding factor between a beautifully adorned house and a gaudy presentation.  So before you spend hours unwinding those tangled beauties, consider these helpful tips.  In return your roof and shingles will remain intact.  We guarantee the town will be talking about your home in a “good light” (pun intended).

1st Step: Gather Your Materials

In order to embellish your house professionally, there are tools you can purchase to make your job easier; and NO, that does not include a staple gun.  Please avoid the use of staple guns for hanging lights at all costs! There are less abrasive tools such as shingle tabs and light clips, readily available at your home improvement store.  You can slide tabs under the shingles or along the gutter and simply glide them out when the season has ended.  Shingle tabs are a quick, temporary solution for C9 and C7 bulbs that can be removed from the string, but are not applicable with the use of pre-lamped LED strings.  All-in-one clips are great for hanging those dreamy icicle lights, pre-lamped strings, mini lights, and more!

2nd Step: Testing and Measuring

After you’ve chosen your whimsical design, test the materials.  How daunting would it be to finish hanging your lights, only to find that some of them have blown?  Faulty strands are culprits for hazardous fires so even if you are able to hide them in your design, avoid them.  After weeding out the weakest links, begin measuring the length of your roof and gutters for a clue as to how many lights you’ll need.  It is also important to calculate the amount of power consumption in order to prevent blowing a fuse or overloading you circuits.  Check the Christmas light box for more assistance as well as online calculators to receive an accurate calculation.

3rd Step: Let The Fun Begin

Although the goal may be to produce an incredible light display, the main focus should always be roof protection.  The last thing you want to do is puncture your shingles, diminishing their durability.   While installing the lights, it is best to avoid added pressure to the shingles, which may result from you walking on the roof.  In the event that you simply HAVE to stand on the roof, make sure your foot placement is in the center of the shingle.   Also, don’t wait until the last minute to decorate your home.  Capitalize on those dry, clear skies.  Do not attempt to install lights when there is visible snow or ice and always secure your ladder on level ground.  If you are afraid of heights by any measure, big or small, consult with an Atlanta roofing company.  A Bell Roofing Associate will be more than happy to assist you.  Be safe!

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