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Can I Hold On My Roof Repair?

Getting a haircut, revamping your wardrobe, buying a new car, these are all things we may put off BR Graphicdue to time or hopes of finding a better deal.  When it comes to dealing with your home, there are some issues you simply can’t ignore and roof repair is one of them.  Most homeowners believe their roof will last just as long as the structure of the house when in reality, natural elements such as debris and harsh weather, can cause your roof to deteriorate at an accelerated rate.  You may be hard pressed for other bills, but you’ll find yourself in more debt if you wait too long to address issues with your roof.

So your home is well ventilated, you don’t have any leaks, and you keep your roof fairly clean so there is no reason to get an inspection right?  This assumption couldn’t be more wrong.  Some nuisances aren’t readily visible to the untrained eye.  A professional Atlanta roofer has the expertise to not only spot these troublesome affairs, but they can also safely treat and prevent others from happening.  Your shingles are more fragile in the winter and may crack upon foot traffic.  Any small crack or crevice will amplify and widen after a cold weather storm.  Should another snowy winter ensue in Atlanta then the weight of snow on the roof is detrimental to the integrity of your roof as well.  Ice dams are very common in roofs that have slopes and although they may create an icicle effect appealing to the younger crowd, they’re also known to cause roof leaks that progress to ceiling damage.

Many people adhere to the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” for fear of bad news that may arise and the cost associated with the findings.  At Bell Roofing, we want to help you find the most cost-efficient solution.  Often times, your roof may require only minor repairs saving the need for a whole new roof altogether.   If you have an older roof then we advise you to schedule an inspection for added security.  When problems already exist, it’s important to note the risks of taking on roof repairs in the winter as a DIY project.  More fatal injuries occur this time of year from inexperienced roofers.  When in doubt, call a professional.

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