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05/19/2015 15:35:00
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07/15/2015 21:24:58

Is My Roof Ready For The Summer?

It is common to think of roof maintenance during winter storms, or heavy rainfall but what about those hot and humid summer months?  We advocate having regular roof inspections and yes, this includes the summertime!  So what should you do to prepare for the heat? BR June Graphic

Inspect Your Gutters/Downspouts- As hot as it gets in Atlanta, we experience our fair share of showers as well.  You worked so hard to keep those gutters in check in the Fall (or so we hope) and now it’s even more important to keep them clear of debris to ensure rainfall is being properly directed away from your home.  In the process of clearing foreign objects, check the downspout and gutters to make sure they are properly attached.

How’s Your Attic?- Proper attic ventilation not only lowers your electrical bill, but it also prevents the build-up of moisture, which is inevitable without sufficient protection.  This happens when hot air rises and gets trapped.  We are big on ventilation! When properly cared for, attic ventilation can extend the life of your roof.

I spy Moss!- A visual inspection of your roof may reveal algae or moss.  If this is the case, it’s a good idea to contact a professional Atlanta roofer to remedy your roof.  Simply brushing away the algae/moss may provide temporary satisfaction however it’s important to note that summertime accelerates its growth.  Water becomes trapped beneath the greenery causing detrimental roof damage.  When you you want to get rid of the source the issue, contact one of our professionals.

At Bell Roofing, we like to make it easy for you to maintain your roof year round.  Contact us today to save $25 off your roof repair of $275 or more!

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