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How to Properly Clean Your Roof

How to Properly Clean Your Roof

The roof is probably one of the most neglected parts of a home. Once roofs are installed or updated, it’s easy to forget about them. We wash our windows, clean our gutters, and sometimes power wash How To Properly Clean Your Roofthe exterior of our homes. However, most homeowners rely on the elements of Mother Nature – wind and rain – to do the roof cleaning.

Why Clean Your Roof

Proper roof maintenance is essential to a long lasting roof. From outside debris, to the unsightly black stains, known as roof algae and moss, your roof is exposed to many different conditions. Debris is unsightly and can also cause damage by blocking rain from exiting your roof. This can lead to roof leaks and rotting. A properly maintained roof will last longer and help to protect your home.

Preferred Methods

You can clean your roof by hand, with a blower or by using a broom or brush. If you choose to clean it by hand, it will require that you get onto the roof. It’s important to note that it is nearly impossible to walk on some roofs without cracking, breaking or moving the tiles or shingles. Not only that, walking on the roof is dangerous and so it’s best that any cleaning method where walking atop the roof is necessary, be left to the professionals. Using a blower is the preferred method for those that prefer to clean their own roofs. It’s the easiest way to remove leaves, sticks and other debris. The other option is to use a soft broom or brush. With this method, you will need to gently apply pressure, as applying too much pressure can remove the roof granules which will reduce the life of the roof. For this reason, it’s ideal to call an Atlanta roofing company that can properly clean your roof.

Let us handle it

Bell Roofing, your local Atlanta roofing company, wants you to be safe. That’s why we offer roof cleaning as part of our service offerings. Our professional crews will properly and safely clean your roof. This gives you the benefits and the peace of mind of a well-maintained roof, without the physical risks of injury.

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