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5 Myths You’ve Heard About Roofing Contractors

  1. Contractors are unnecessary

It would be nice if we were all capable of finishing our own home improvements but not everyone can be Tim “The Toolman” Taylor! Our Atlanta roofing contractors offer the highest quality materials available! Rather than trial and error, educate yourself beforehand about the problems with your roof then leave it up to our professionals to see what repairs and The Truthinstallations would benefit your home.


  1. Contractors make the problem a bigger issue

Bell Roofing can help you with your roofing repair! If your roof is over 20 years old, chances are it needs to be replaced. In other cases, our experienced professional roofers may be able to repair your roof without replacing it saving you money in the process. Let our contractors take a look for free today!


  1. Contractors don’t care about safety

We always change all flashing with a new roof installation. Failing to change the flashing near your chimney, pipe boots, valleys or wall junctions may cause leaks in the near future. We always adhere to your safety. You will find your yard in the same condition it was in before we arrived. Not only do we recycle leftover roofing material, but we also comb the yard for loose nails and other debris!


  1. Contractors, honest contractors, are hard to find

Call Bell Roofing, your Atlanta residential roofing contractors, today for a free roof analysis. Yes! We will take a look at your roof for free! Our name is our greatest asset so we will never try to sell you something you really don’t need. We are known for our great work and personal customer service. In fact, 90% of our business comes from customer reviews, which further solidifies our work ethic!


  1. Contractors are too expensive to hire

 Visit our website and see how you can save money on your roof repair or replacement! We provide a complimentary, no hassle roof analysis in order to properly assess the condition of your roof. Be sure to take advantage of our current coupon special which will allow you to save $25OFF a your roof repair or $200OFF a new roof installation!

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