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Keep Your Attic Cool This Summer With Bell Roofing

The summer months are approaching and here at Bell Roofing we are excited to have some Untitled designwarmer weather. However, there is a reason our beloved town is nicknamed “Hotlanta” and as most of you know the summers here can be brutal. With temperatures rising to 90’s, this can have a huge impact on the heat circulated in your home especially your attic. As your go to Atlanta roofing company, Bell Roofing wants to prepare you with some tips on how to keep your attic cool this summer.

Install A Static Vent
A static vent is simply a vent in your attic where air can escape. You know the old saying “hot air rises”? Well that couldn’t be truer about attics. This summer attics can experience temperatures up to 130 degrees! This hot air needs to escape to keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature.

Have An Electric Ventilator Installed
An electric ventilator can be a very effective way of keeping the airflow moving in your home. Often times the attic is a place where stale air tends to have no place to go but once you have an electric ventilator installed, it can help move the air throughout your home more evenly

Insulate Your Attic To R-30
Insulation can be done yourself without the need of a contractor. It is important to be sure to not block your vents when insulating and make sure that you use 10 inches of thickness for the most effective insulation.

One of the biggest advantages of keeping a cool attic is that it decreases your energy consumption and thus keeps your air conditioning bills low. Often times just by a few small changes you can dramatically decrease the amount of money you spend on cooling your home. Let one of our experienced Atlanta roofers to come look at your attic so that we can give you helpful suggest on how you and your family can stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

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