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What NOT To Do To Your Roof.

Taking good care of your home can be a huge hassle. There are many dos and don’ts that seem toUntitled design (1) change every year. Keeping the maintenance of your roof is just as essential as other parts of your home. Here at Bell Roofing we want to give you some help when it comes to your roof. As your go to Atlanta roofing company, we are knowledgeable about how to prolong the life of a roof. Here are few things that you should never do to your roof!

  • Do NOT Pressure Wash Your Roof
    Debris often falls on your roof due to storms. However, you should never clean your roof with a pressure washer because this can cause permanent damage to your shingles. Instead, when cleaning debris off your roof, use a blower, soft brush, or just pick the debris up by hand.
  • Do NOT use cleaning solutions that are not made specific for roof cleaning.
    Sometimes your roof may need to be cleaned and this can be accomplished with roof cleaning solutions. However, if you choose to clean your roof with something that is not pre-approved, you can ruin your shingles.
  • Do NOT Walk on Your Roof.
    Walking on your roof can loosen granules and tear your shingles so avoid any unnecessary walking so that the life of your roof remains long.
  • Do NOT Hang Christmas Lights with Nails or Staples
    Depending on the occasion, lights on your home can look amazing! However, the best way to keep the life of your roof is to use clips. Adding any type of intrusion such as a nail or staples can create a potential for future water damage.

    If you have any questions about the Dos and Don’ts of roof maintenance please do not hesitate to contract us at Bell Roofing. We are happy to answer any questions your may have.

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