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Roof Tips for Winter

icicles-1-1323373-mWinter in Georgia? Do we really have a winter? Well we won’t have winters like our friends up in the north, but we do get enough of a winter that some of the weather may harm your roof. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your roof safe during winter.

Roof Winter Tips

  1. With all of the trees that we have in Georgia, there is likely to be a build up of pine needles or small leaves that did not make it off during fall. Leaves and pine needles hold moisture,  and if they lay on the roof for an extended amount of time, then that moisture will slowly eat into the shingles. Keep leaves and needles off of your roof with a broom or leaf blower.
  2. Grab your Iphone and take pictures of the roof to look for any damage, holes, or missing shingles. Any of those will allow moisture to seep under your roof and damage your roof or attic. Georgia winters are extremely rainy and having a hole in your roof, will not stop the rain.
  3. We say this all year long, keep your gutters clean! If the gutters still have leaves or pine needles in them, and it is raining, those leaves soak up the water and just sit in the gutters. This means that water is sitting right next to your roof, and you may not even be aware that the water is there.
  4. Do you spy standing water on your roof? That is not supposed to happen, and if you see that you should call a professional in right away. That water needs to be diverted off of your roof, and the roof is not working properly to remove the water.
  5. Replace any caulking or roofing cement that looks damaged or deteriorated. If you can not reach the spots effectively, then call a professional to come out and reapply the sealant for you.
  6. Request a free inspection. If you have not had your roof looked in years, call Bell Roofing for a free inspection. Let the professionals come out and look at your roof for you.

We offer a free inspection at Bell Roofing. We don’t want our customers up on the roof if it appears to be damaged or unsafe. We will check your roof out, find the problems, and then discuss and set up a plan for getting your roof back in tip top shape. Contact us today to get started, and help you get your roof fixed before the holidays!

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