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10/20/2013 19:07:30
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12/17/2013 17:31:07

We Are Thankful For You!

This month, instead of focusing on our business, we want to you focus on you, our customers! We ID-10081722are so grateful for every single one of our clients. You help us shape and build our company daily. Join us in looking at some of the great testimonials we have received this year:

“Because of all of my neighbor’s positive comments when it was time for a new roof I didn’t call anyone but Bell Roofing. The whole process was so organized. The materials, dumpster and roofers all arrived on time. Within an hour the old roof was off and by mid-afternoon the roof was finished. I was amazed! Thanks Charles and all of your professional roofers. I will continue to recommend you!” – Nancy

“When I was looking to replace the roof on my personal home, I interviewed several roofing companies. One of the things that immediately impressed me with Bell Roofing was that Charlie Bell, the owner, comes to give the estimates himself. The price was reasonable, and I really liked the fact that he was local and that his signs seemed to be everywhere in various In town neighborhoods. His crew started exactly when they said they would, finished when they said they would, the cost came in right around the estimate, and the clean-up was immaculate. The work is warranted and they will come back if there’s a problem. The other thing I appreciate is that Charlie is not an alarmist if there’s not a problem, he won’t pretend there is. I also sell real estate, and I have referred Bell Roofing to lots of clients over the years. There is not one person that I am aware of who wasn’t pleased with the job they did. They are a company I definitely can depend on.” – C. Collier

“My home had the original, 1907 Cedar Shake roofing, under six layers of asphalt shingles, when I bought the place. I had no idea there was so much weight up there, though I’d noticed that a previous owner had added an elaborate system of additional roof supports in the attic.

Over the years, I had to climb the roof after every storm, to reattach diamond staple shingles which had blown off. Finally, I realized that the cracks developing in the plaster corners of my plaster walls seemed to indicate that there was some significant shifting of weight, on top of the house.

That’s when I called Bell Roofing!

They removed all seven layers of shingles, right down to the original rafters; installed decking (with cedar shakes, such did not exist!), properly vented the expansive attic, and put in a beautiful roof of architectural shingles, in a color and style selected to mimic the appearance of the original cedar shakes.

I’ve never had another issue with my roof.

They’ve also handled a repair problem, at one of my best friend’s home, in Duluth.

After a storm produced significant damage, their previous roofer had not time to come out and assess the damage. Bell went out, made timely repairs, at an appropriate cost. Since her house is surrounded by trees, storms often bring limbs down on her roof. Bell has gone back, many times, to make any necessary repairs to the existing roof.

I can’t recommend them highly enough!” – Rex

We want to hear from our clients. Let us know how you feel about the service we did. Your testimonial could show up next!

From Our Family To Yours: Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!

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