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What Parts Make Up My Roof?

Your roof has multiple parts that when put together work to protect your house from the outside ID-100180988elements. When one of those parts is not functioning properly, your roof can become unstable and cause other parts to falter. Let’s use the month of October to pretend we are Dr. Frankenstein, and look at the different parts of the whole roof, and why each part needs the other just like Frankenstein’s monster.

Shingles– This is the top cover for the roof. Usually these are asphalt shingles are the most popular, but you can also purchase metal, tin, or wood shingles. Just like Frankenstein’s head, without these your roof would be pummeled and not protected. Shingles are the first defense against the elements.

Vents– You will hear us mention this all of the time, make sure you have proper venting! This venting is usually a metal or plastic pipe that sticks out of the roof. This is where air can escape from your house which can cool down your roof on a hot day. There can also be vents that add air to your plumbing system so that the toilets, sinks, and tubs can drain easily.

Ridge- This is at the very top of your roof, or the peak. Usually, this is where an opening is that runs the length of your roof to allow hot air to escape. This is especially helpful during summer months. Without this, your attic would literally be full of trapped, hot air, which would raise your cooling bills immensely.

Gutters/ Downspouts/ Fascia– Gutters and downspouts are usually connected to the Fascia. The Fascia is a horizontal board attached to the ends of the roof to hold the gutters. Without these three important parts, your roof would not have water being pulled away from it. The last thing any roof contractor wants is for water to be pooling on your roof. This can damage your shingles and cause rot to occur.

Drip Edge- This is the metal flashing that is put down angles where the roof meets other angles of the house. These also are imperative for making sure that rain is being pulled away from the house, and not sitting on your roof.

Gable End Vent- This is the, usually, triangle shaped opening on the front of houses usually at the apex of the roof. This is used to also help with venting cool air into the roof, which is also a plus during summer months. It helps reduce the amount of hot air, to help with air conditioning bills.

Eaves– These are what appears to be the lowest edge of the roof that sticks out away from the wall. Again these are used to help bring water away from the roof. Much like Frankenstein is afraid of fire, your roofs need to keep water at a minimum. Therefore so much effort goes into moving rain away and off of the roof.

Your roof is a wonderful “body” of parts, just like Frankenstein. Miss one of these “parts” and it just will not function properly. If you think something is not functioning properly with your roof, don’t hesitate, call Bell Roofing today! We will be out, take a look at your roof, and give you a free estimate!

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