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Tips for Preparing Your Roof for the Winter Months
11/10/2015 10:45:01
Your Roof Is An Important Part Of Your Home. Agree?
01/26/2016 13:57:52

It is time to bring out the light again and beautify your surroundings as Christmas draws near. Hanging Xmas light is part of the preparation and knowing how to effectively and skillfully do that is very important. When done right, your beautiful work can be seen by people from afar and anyone passing by will be awe struck at your masterpiece. Alright, let us discuss some tips on hanging the light for Christmas celebration.

Caution is needed

When hanging Christmas lights, caution is extremely important. It should be your watchword as you roll up your ladder. Caution starts with the ladder you are going to use to mount the lights. It should be in good condition and you should have supportive holders for the ladder. Before you install the lights, whether you are installing them for interior or exterior part of the home, you should make sure that you test the bulbs before installing.

Select the right type of bulbs

Choosing the right bulbs for this season is also important. We have 2 types of bulbs being used for a holiday celebration – C 7 and C 9 bulbs. You may select any, but their shape and wattage are not the same. C9 is more bigger and if you want your decoration to be clearly seen from distance, C9 is the best choice. Both C7 and C9 are ideal for Christmas lightings and you will like the beauty they will add to your home and trees.

If your lightings are for outdoor, you may choose miniature outdoor lightings. They cost less and consume less power. They can be used to decorate the perimeter of your home and trees. Also, make sure they are in good working condition because the strings run in series and if one bulb or socket should fail, a whole section will be lost.

Choose water resistant bulbs

You do not want some bulbs that will pack up when they come in contact with water. So, make sure you select those that will not be affected by water. When selecting water resistant lights, you need to bear two things in mind. First, check to see if the lights are tagged “UL” to be sure that they meet national industry standard. Second, do not use indoor Xmas lighting for outdoor lighting.

When creating special lightings

If you want to light up your landscape, including bushes and scrubs, your best bet is net lighting. You can use net lighting to cover your landscape. It is made with interconnected mini LED lights that are perfect for decorating your shrubs with beautiful lights. In the night, they are a beauty to behold. Also, you may use animated lighting to depict various objects. Animated lights can be used for nativity scenes and so on. Animated lights come in different colors patterns and variations that will beautifully portrait any object or creature you have in mind.

So as you look forward to enjoying the holiday, take into consideration various suggestions in this piece on hanging Xmas lightings and you will love what you have created.

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